Pest Management Services

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Treatment locations

There is no area, whether indoors or outdoors, that Titan Pest cannot treat. We have the capacity to carry out pest control services in Yangon at the following type of sites*:

  • Food & Beverage Outlets
  • Residential (apartments, condominiums, landed properties)
  • Commercial Buildings and Offices
  • Mixed Developments (residential, commercial and recreational space)
  • Hotels
  • Construction Sites
  • Factories
  • Industrial Warehouses
  • Parks and Greenery (i.e. Golf Courses)

*List is not exhaustive

Our services can take place on an ad hoc or contract basis.



We provide integrated pest management services using a combination of methods to achieve optimal results. Our treatment methods apply to target pests only. [Learn More Link to ‘Pest Problems’]

Broadly, our services are split into:

  • General Pest Control (target pests include ants, rodents, snakes, bees etc...)
  • Mosquito Control (using a combination of methods including larvaciding, fogging and monitoring)
  • Termite Control (including soil treatment, corrective soil treatment and baiting

Pest Audit Services

Should you wish for a comprehensive report on how to manage your pest problems, we also offer pest audit services that consist of a detailed on-site inspection together with recommendations on integrated pest control methods. Problem areas will be identified to reduce pest infestations and the least invasive solutions will be provided.  

We will provide impartial advice on selecting the best methods suited to whatever pest problems you experience. Our report will also provide a detailed pest control program.  

Other Services

Housekeeping Advisory

To ensure that premises are free of all pests, problem areas need to be identified and effective measures implemented. Good housekeeping is key in reducing pest infestations, especially in locations such as hotels, schools and factories. Where appropriate, housekeeping or facilities management staff should co-ordinate with our Pest Control Operators for regular updates and implementation of necessary treatments. We can provide a program for this coordination and to educate housekeeping and facilities staff i.e. not to remove baits, to ensure that chemical residue is not washed away, to remove stagnant water, seal cracks and crevices etc...

Mould Removal

Large infestations of mould are toxic to human health. In line with our non-toxic approach to pest management, we also provide a safe and effective method to remove mould via steam cleaning. This method removes mould from surfaces using steam pressure at a temperature that is high enough to kill germs and bacteria, and to remove dirt and to sanitize the surface they are applied to.


Our Singapore-trained staff can conduct on-site training in pest management techniques to institutions, construction sites and various other bodies. Training can be conducted in either in English or Myanmar language.


Call-backs are often described as complaint calls. Pest populations may suddenly explode out of control if an inadequate program is in place.

By pest control industry standards, maintaining an annual call-back rate below 5% is considered average. We aim to do better, to keep it below 1%.

Since inception we have kept it below that set threshold.


Termite prevention via Anti-Termite Soil Treatment is a serious matter. Our no-nonsense approach means we will only use the very best termiticides that are available in the market from the original manufacturers (Non-generics) such as Bayer, Sumitomo and Syngenta.

With over 25 years of experience in Singapore, we’ve brought our brand of work into Myanmar since 2016 with positive results with thus far no re-emerging termites cases.


“Over 25 Pest Control Operators”

“Over 150 sites under our protection”