Rodents are one of the primary pest groups that can cause severe damages to buildings and potentially attack food storages. Moreover they can transmit a large number of lethal diseases.

Rodent Infestation Indicators

Rodents make noise. When it's quiet around the building, especially at night, it is easy to hear them wandering around. Rats and mice make squeaking sounds and you will also hear them walk around.

Rats and mice like to build their nests with materials that keep them warm. They often use twigs, paper and grass but could also go for parts of your mattress or couch, if they have access to it. They try to conceal their nests, often in closets, spaces below your floor, inside your walls or ceiling.

Gnaw Marks
When rodents try to open a package of food or create new pathways for themselves, they do so with their teeth and claws. One of the most common signs of rodent presence is finding nibble marks on food containers.

They leave behind droppings. Good chance you'll encounter them around their feeding areas, which are likely to be areas where you store food or eat food yourself.

Grease Marks
Grease marks around holes, walls and entrance ways the mice and rats frequently use. Do not be surprised to find these at holes that are seemingly too small; you'd be surprised about the rodents’ ability to squeeze themselves through very small gaps and cracks.

Rodent Species

Commonly found rodent species are:

  • Rattus Norvegicus (Brown Rat)
  • Rattus Rattus (Black Rat)
  • Mus musculus (House Mouse)

Titan's Rodent Control Services in Myanmar

Titan offers a variety of rodent control plans ranging from treating a household all the way up to food manufacturing facilities requiring strict international quality standards.