Flies are often seen as a nuisance pest that flies they can be seen internally in any building but are often found in restaurants flying around patrons’ meals. That aside, they can contaminate food sources with Salmonella, Dysentery and E. Coli. Alongside cockroaches, flies are often one of the most common pests to infest the food and beverage sector. Flies are also a hygiene pest, and if there is poor hygiene in the affected area or it’s adjacent areas, there’s a strong possibility there will be Flies. It is very easy to spot adult flies flying, however their breeding is often outside of, or in areas that are difficult to visually detect. This includes drains, gully traps, rubbish bins and their respective areas.

Fly Infestation Indicators

Flies are found everywhere, seeing one by itself is generally a sign that more will come over time. They are strongly attracted to food scents and will always find their ways into kitchens and restaurants.

Fly Species

There are over 125,000 species found world wide, however the commonly found Fly species include:

  • Musa Domestica (House Fly)
  • Sarcophagidae (Flesh Fly)
  • Drosophlia (Fruit Fly) 

Titan's Fly Control Services in Myanmar

Our extermination methods include spraying, baiting, ultra violet fly traps and ULV cold fogging.