Common Types of Cockroaches

Common Types of Cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests around the world and their population only seems to be growing. Scientists believe they have been around for millions of years, and they are particularly difficult to kill. Home and business owners in Myanmar need to know what kind of cockroaches exist in the country to avoid them. Below are the most common types, how to identify them, and what to do if one of them is spotted. 

German Cockroach

Many people consider the German Cockroach to be the most common type in the world, though the American would be a close second. Adult German Cockroaches are 1.1 to 1.6 inches long. They like moist environments and eating sweets, grease, and meat. This means a hamburger would be heaven for one because it has sugars in the bun and tons of meat and grease from the hamburger.  

Most German Cockroaches are light brown and have wings, but they can’t fly. Two dark lines run across the back below the head and look like an equals (=) sign. They have flat, wide bodies which help them hide in crevices and can make them difficult to crush. These cockroaches reproduce the fastest out of any of the species and have almost no natural predators. They mostly live indoors around moist environments and can be found on six of the seven continents on the world. 

Asian Cockroach

Asian Cockroaches are flying pests which originated in wet, tropical climates in Asia. They are outdoor bugs and strong fliers. Some people have reported over 250,000 of these cockroaches living in a single acre of land. They like damp environments and can be found around shady, mulched areas. Compost piles also attract the Asian Cockroach. They are usually light brown. 

These pests look similar to their cousin, the German Cockroach. The main way to tell them apart is to look at the wings. Asian Cockroaches have longer, slimmer wings and can fly. The end of their body also does not stick out as far as that of the German. Because the Asian Cockroach lives outside, it does have some natural predators. 

American Cockroach

The American Cockroach is the second most common type in the world and likes damp, humid environments. They are frequently found in commercial places like restaurants or industrial buildings that have steam vents. They are the largest breed and can be 1.6 inches long. Most of them are reddish-brown and have wings despite not flying. There is a yellow spot just below the head that is useful for identification. 

The American Cockroach can live inside or outside, but prefers an interior environment. They are omnivores and will eat almost anything, even leather and book bindings. 

How to Tell the Types Apart

Most people don’t want to get close enough to a cockroach to figure out what type it is. Unfortunately, you have to in order to see where the main infestation might be located. This chart includes some of the basic characteristics of the common types of cockroaches so you can tell them apart.


What Attracts Them? 

Cockroaches look for food sources like most other pests. Areas that are moist, dark, and have access to foods like sugars and meat attract them the most. Some, like the American and German cockroaches, live inside because they have constant access to food from human kitchens. The Asian Cockroach usually stays outside but also seeks areas with compost and delicious materials. 

To avoid cockroaches, property owners need to keep their environment clean. All food containers should be sealed properly, as should doors and windows. 

How to Eliminate Cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the hardest pests to get rid of because they have grown resistant to lots of pesticides. Pesticides are chemicals designed to eliminate specific nuisance creatures or plants. Most professionals use poison baits or fumigation. During fumigation, a home or business is sealed so that it’s airtight and then filled with pesticides. Professionals will let the building sit this way for several hours to a few days and will then safely vent the toxins into the air. Afterwards, employees clean out the dead bugs. 

Fumigation and pesticides continue to be the best treatments available for cockroach elimination because the pest is resistant to heat and can survive without food for a long time. Even seeing one cockroach can be a sign of a bad infestation since most species are nocturnal. Once you see one, it’s time to contact an exterminator for immediate help. 

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