Once there are bed bugs in your home, they can multiply very quickly. They can be found in your bed linen, carpets, curtains and even your clothes. They are small, oval insects with a red or brown color. Bed bugs become more active at night and live on the blood of animals and humans. They hide in the cracks of your bed before they come out.

Bed bugs live in colonies and if they have made it to your home, they will most likely have traveled there with you, when you returned from an infested hotel for example. Do not mistake a bed bug bite for a mosquito bite. The bedbugs colony will most likely reside in your mattress or the frame of your bed.

Bed Bug Infestation Problems: What Signs To Look For

  • Waking up at night with itchy spots concentrated in one particular area of your body, or sometimes at several spots.

  • An unusual smell in your bedroom that you can't quite pinpoint. It comes from the bed bugs.

  • Blood stains on your bed sheets. You may have killed a bed bug in your sleep.

  • Bed bugs droppings on your bed. They are small and dark.

  • Bed bugs egg shells and skin can often be found near the colony.

Titan's Bed Bug Removal Services in Myanmar

Our removal services successfully rids your house of bed bugs by spraying and steaming.