Ants are social insect group that are commonly found in any type property. They will often build nests wherever there are any nearby food sources available such as left over food at home, food storages, food processing plants etc.

As with any type of pest, the type of ant you're dealing with is also a factor when determining the best way to get rid of them. Certain types of ants will eat slightly different types of food than other types, i.e. Pharaoh Ants have a preference for carbohydrate and protein rich foods. Titan can help identify which ant species are infesting your building and recommend treatment methods to remove them.

The key to the ant colony

The key to finding and removing an ant colony is to remove the Queen ant. She is easily recognized since she is about twice as big as the other ants.

Since the Queen ant is the single most important piece of the ant colony, she is well protected and hidden at the heart of the ant nest. This is usually the part that is hardest to reach.

To feed and maintain the Queen ant, her worker ants will deliver food to her. One of the ways we eradicate ant colonies is to poison this food. There is no need for us to locate the Queen ourselves; her loyal workers will do the work for us.

Killing the Queen ant means killing the colony with her.

Ant Infestation Indicators

Feeding Ants
An unusually large amount of reoccurring ants in your kitchen or other area of your building where you are often eating or preparing food. More often than not, this is a sign of ant infestation.

Ant Trails
Ants often create pheromone trails to identify food sources and pathways to and from them. Other ants of the colony will then follow these paths almost exactly. If you spot an ant trail going into your home or building, it's a very strong sign of ant problems.

Ant nests are often found in quiet and dark places. It is not uncommon for ants to establish their home base inside a wall, pillar or even a table. They can also be found in the form of a pile of soil outside the building.

Titan's Ant Control and Removal Services in Myanmar

We visit your home or business location and inspect the premises. We treat ant colonies and take preventative measures for possible future ant problems. We always use the latest and safest equipment and chemicals with the fastest colony control.